January 05, 2009

Motivational seminar

A motivational seminar held by STMIK AKAKOM yogyakarta on last month carried out with topic : “how to be an excellent student” with keynote speaker Mr. Ir. Hidayat Maruta, M.SEE. the Vice president of PT. CALTEX. This seminar was followed by more than 100 audiences. Many kind of slide has been presented but I just took some of points that I thought so important for my self. Under his consideration he said that to be an excellent person we should follow the transformation mode. Because everything around us is always changing. Peoples, electronics, telecommunications are some examples that are getting change every day and day. It caused people who don’t want to follow the transformation will be left. To follow the transformation can be divided on 3 kind of person :
- If You think U were ready and have an ability to lead and manage so you can be a leaders
- If You think U weren’t have an ability to be a leaders, U can be a good followers
- But if you don’t have an ability to be a leader or have no desire to be a good followers, it means U should ready to out of the transformation.
But we should remember that alteration or transformation isn’t something easy to do. It also means that we should be ready to move from the comfortable zone to a new place. For an examples Mr. Maruta took some participants among this audiences who use his watch on their left hand and then he asked them to change the position to their right hand. And he asked, how do you feel ? it felt uncomfortable, strange, and so on. It proves that alteration isn’t easy thing.
Everyday we need to learn a new things, it can be a simple things until the complete one. He also suggestive the audiences to follow his tips, everyday he make a note for his new activity, it is just need 3 new things to be learn each day. You can imagine how many things U were learned in one month, one year and so on. It can help U to increase U’r ability, U’r knowledge and many more, that’s why I agree with a proverb that state, “knowledge is power”.
Before closing his presentation he asked us to have a comitment, so this seminar can motivate us to be better.


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