February 06, 2009


Yesterday there were much troubles about my job. I Got some criticsm for somethin I didn't done. it was twice a day with the same reason. I can't accept it well. and I'm sure that what was happened was out of my way. I was trying to made up my mind. I went to Amplaz by myself. Though alone but it was means so much. I can refresh my mind by do some works that can't be done at the office while surfing the internet.

After completing all my works, I went to Gramedia book's store. There, I spent so many times finding some interisting books. then in the corner of motivational books I found S.U.M.O. (Shut Up, Move On): The Straight-Talking Guide to Creating and Enjoying a Brilliant Life (Paperback) by Paul McGee. I 've read that books and I found so many things that I didn't learned before. Its all to be a better person. it is all about an effort to change our thingking that maybe just like to blame ourselves, have an negative thingking about somethin and many more. it is just like how to be an optimistic person who guide us to be better.

I think that books is nice, motivating and friendly. and about my problems though still feel un well but little more that book were inspire me to lose it all. try to be more responsible that what i've done. I think u should read that book...


black_poer said...

kuk bhs inggris,,,opo artine???

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