October 27, 2010


At the end of september 2010 until October , 2,  I've spent my daily activities visited Pontianak, The Islands of Borneo or Kalimantan. Pontianak is widely known as Equator city, the city I never visited before so it was my great journey to came this far from Yogyakarta.
My flight with my mom was fun and happy, it took time about 45 minutes to Jakarta and 1 hour from Jakarta to Pontianak. At Supadio airport (the airport of pontianak) Mr. Andi   picked us up with his father.
At first day at Pontianak, we were joined with Mr. Andi families , it was warm enough and Hmmm,  it was my first time felt the fresh of Kapuas water (Kapuas is the longest river in Indonesia). ^_^
Started at 08.00 in the next day I was visit the Tugu Khatulistiwa,.. and learning more about equator and many other about Kalimantan Island's map. That day we were also visited Kapuas and crossed it by fery ( a kind of ship). For culinary section I have tried bubur pedas that made of  40 kinds of vegetables , and es jeruk kecil (a kind of beverages that made of orange fruit , and it's smaller than usually). It was a big sensation and we both like it. At Wednesday we were visit pasir panjang beach of Singkawang, wow it was so beautiful and really made us fun and happy,..took a lot of pictures by standing on the big stones, played in the water,..walking through the white sands,.. a very great journey all the time.

In the other day We were tried air jagung, air tahu, mi tiaw, es nona, and also looking for some souvenirs, an orange of sambas , a really sweet orange fruit after all, jeweleries, beverages that made of aloe vera, and many other...

We were very happy came to pontianak, it felt so faster than we thought before, and we should said goodbye at saturday 02 October flight by batavia air approximately 1 hour 30 minutes route to Yogyakarta.

And when my friends asked me what do you think about Borneo? then I steady said I think I love it. And you may too. Can't wait to the next trip.


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