November 16, 2010

Contoh Penggunaan Simple Present

Contoh penggunaan kalimat dengan present simple :
  1. Tanya speaks German very well (Tanya -> she , jadi digunakan speaks)
  2. I don’t often drink Coffee. ( Bentuk negatif untuk subjek I maka digunakan don’t)
  3. The Swimming pool opens at 7.30 every morning. (swimming pool -> it, jadi digunakan opens)
  4. Bad driving causes many accidents (bad driving -> it)
  5. My parents live in a very small flat( My parents -> they)
  6. The Olympic Games takes place every four years. (The Olympic Games -> it)
  7. The Panama Canal connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans (The Panama Canal ->it)
Menggunakan kata kerja dengan pola present simple :
  1. Julie doesn’t drink tea very often.
  2. What time does the Bank closes here?
  3. I’ve got a computer , but I don’t use it much.
  4. Where does Martin comes from ? He’s Scottish
  5. What do you do ? I’m an electrician
  6. It takes me an hour to get to work. How long Does it takes you ?
  7. Look at this sentence.  What does this word means?
  8. David isn’t very fit . He doesn’t do any sport.
Yang perlu diingat adalah ketika kita menggunakan present simple sebagai kalimat Tanya atau kalimat negatif kita harus menambahkan kata do / does tergantung pada subjek masing-masing kalimat. 
Contoh penggunaan present simple misalnya pada kalimat berikut :
  1. The earth goes round the Sun
  2. Rice doesn’t grow in Britain.
  3. The Sun rises in the east.
  4. Bees make honey.
  5. Vegetarians do not eat meat.
  6. An atheist doesn’t believe in God.
  7. An interpreter  translates from one language into another.
  8. Liars are people who do not tell the truth.
  9. The river Amazon  flows late the Atlantic ocean.


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